Rissa Reddan serves as a strategic growth partner for her clients. Her entrepreneurial mindset, inquisitive nature, and strong network combine to serve as a catalyst for growth.




Identify strategies for achieving your goals.

Rissa meets clients wherever they are in developing or growing their business and together they determine next steps to build a successful marketing program.


Introduce the support needed to stay on track.

Rissa provides clients with access to her network of professionals with complementary skill sets. She puts clients in touch with exactly the right person at exactly the right time, such as graphic designers, editors, and programmers.

Ignite business development efforts.

Rissa brings a contagious energy and enthusiasm to her work, which leads to increased engagement and sustainable growth for her clients.

Marketing services include, but are not limited to:

Services include, but are not limited to: Marketing & sales program assessments, marketing & sales planning, campaign development and execution, identity development, project management, and article concepting and development.







Connector. Creator. Coach.

Marketing is both an art and science—a fact deeply ingrained in me: my mother is an artist and a musician with perfect pitch and my father holds a PhD in inorganic chemistry. From this starting point, I demonstrate a range of talents from the creative, such as directing the look and feel of a web site, to the quantitative, such as analyzing campaign performance, to the community, with board governance.


Born on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, I grew up in Bloomington, IL. After spending the early years of my career in San Francisco, I relocated to Chicago where I’ve lived the last 20 years. 


In Chicago, I sought out business school at University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business for quantitative coursework to complement my liberal arts education received at Miami University located in Oxford, OH.


Career highlights include leveraging marketing for M&A integration which resulted in wins such as placement in strategy + business magazine, launching two first-of-their-kind social media programs the first of which resulted in $1M+ of revenue within 6 months, growing businesses via process improvement and technology as with a marketing automation tool (Pardot) launch, and an 81 point increase in level of satisfaction with marketing leader from the marketing team from 2015 to 2016. 


I believe that a combination of my distinctive name, Rissa, a vibrant personality, and a flair for celebrating ta-da moments with my teams has allowed me to thrive. Complimenting my penchant for bold decision-making and the versatility to grasp complicated topics and translate them into simple ideas, I have been able to connect, create, and coach for success.






Branding campaign - Whitney

M&A Integration

M&A Integration

Rissa Reddan.com - v1.0

Social Media

Social Media


Print campaign - Kendall College


Online campaign - Ellis MBA


Presentation splash - JLC

M&A Integration
Initiated Booz & Company integration activities to feature both Deals research in strategy + business which has a global audience of over 1.3M readers and also to highlight Strategy& expertise at numerous events including a webcast on embracing shareholder activism via proactive portfolio assessment. 


Social Media + Events
Launched innovative social media program to engage practitioners and to leverage collective networks. Program was directly responsible for generating a significant win for the business. Social media was also leveraged to extend the shelf life of events such as this one which was a fireside chat between Jack Welch and a Deals leader.


Marketing & Sales Leadership
As Marketing & Sales Director for Consulting, Tax, and Assurance lines of service at PwC in Chicago. Her key leadership role included responsibility for two teams totaling 18 people, leading weekly pipeline calls with senior leadership, and leading the win/loss debriefs program. All of these activities contributed to significant growth for a key PwC market. Rissa has been recognized for her exceptional performance by national leadership.


Marketing Strategy & Execution
Welcker Consulting offered marketing strategy and support for clients across a variety of industries. The firm has particular expertise at helping clients create premium and differentiated brands. Specialized in marketing strategies for for-profit education clients and not-for-profits organizations. Created ethics training programs and promoted ethics hotlines for publicly traded companies (SOX requirement).


Branding Campaign
With identity serving as a key element of brand, an interesting project of a more personal nature was that of my daughter’s 13th birthday. Having the most important women in her life weigh in on what they see when they spend time with her and their hopes for her future resulted in a book featuring notes and pictures which form the essence of Whitney.


Hopefully, the book serves as a reference point when times are tough and she seeks a reminder as to what she’s all about.


Print campaign
Directed a print campaign for monthly ads in Chicago Magazine to build awareness of Kendall College for prospective students and their parents.


Online lead generation campaign

Led development of microsites and banners to drive online lead volume for the sales team. Tracked progress and adjusted the campaign constantly to maximize results.


Social responsibility

Because Rissa values corporate social responsibility, she has been involved with a number of community organizations.


- For five years, she served as a board member of CASA of Cook County, co-chairing the 2009 Cocktails for CASA event.




- She served in a number of leadership roles with Junior League of Chicago. She commissioned a highly talented graphic designer to freshen up the look and feel of the prospective member presentation which she delivered to hundreds of women.


- She was elected to serve as a director for the Alpha Omicron Pi Foundation Board.








I had the great honor to be a part of the Greater Chicago Market Marketing and Sales team at PwC under Rissa's leadership. It was so great for me to see a strong woman who held her own in tough environments, while still being kind, caring and fair. Rissa is a great role model and I feel very honored to have been able to work for her. She is a great leader and is always thinking about how to improve her team and how she can take her group to the next level.
Puja Coda, PricewaterhouseCoopers


Rissa Reddan is an extremely creative and talented marketing leader. As a marketer working under her at PwC she challenged and pushed me to continually bring new ideas to the table, while remaining supportive of my overall development and career goals. Her ability to juggle the strategic marketing vision for the Deals business with the day-to-day marketing needs of a broad set of internal stakeholders was very impressive. Absolutely one of the brightest and most talented people I’ve had the pleasure of working with.
Phil Montgomery, PricewaterhouseCoopers


I had the pleasure of working on Rissa's team for a year at PwC's Marketing/Sales & Client Strategist network. Rissa is an outstanding coach and mentor that was always ready to help me navigate the labyrinth and challenging inner workings of PwC. She was an amazing resource on everything PwC, the market, and overall management coaching. Her door was always open and she was always ready to put everything aside to collaborate and strategize with me on a solution. Eventually Rissa and I both joined other teams in PwC but we continued to stay in touch and collaborate on projects. I continued to utilize Rissa as a coach right up until my last week at PwC. PwC is lucky to have her on the team.
Rob Cancilla, PricewaterhouseCoopers


“Rissa does a great job keeping a complex team of Marketing and Sales staff focused, informed, and energized. As a result, they consistently outperform expectations.”
Devin Henkel, PricewaterhouseCoopers


“Rissa works hard and smart. She helped the institution through a time of great transition and stress. Plus, she's a joy to work with.”
Edwin Eisendrath, Kendall College (and UNext)


"Not only is Rissa a pleasure to work with, she is also very driven and results oriented. She is expert at facilitating cross-functional teams to deliver on time and on budget."
Drake Christensen, UNext


"To announce Kendall's new location, we hosted a number of events. Rissa proved to be an invaluable asset providing all needed marketing support from collateral
development to attendance at the events. I would work with her again in a heartbeat."
Robbie Deveney, Kendall College


"Rissa added an element of hipness to our marketing materials without compromising on professionalism. Her creative outlook translated to many new clients and opportunities."
Rachel Warach, Syrus Global









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